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By registering, accessing, playing, downloading, or any other forms of communicating with any of the ImperialStory servers, services, or players you agree to adhere to everything listed in this document. If you do not agree to these terms, you will be redirected from our website. All content published by ImperialStory is owned by ImperialStory. You agree that these terms may be updated at any point, and that your account may be terminated at any time, for any reason, without warning.


By donating you agree that this is not in any way a payment for goods or services, but a gift to supporting the betterment of gameplay. You agree not to dispute or charge back any donation, this will result in permanent termination of your access to our services.


By downloading, running, or any other form of accessing the client named "ImperialStory.exe", you agree to the following:

You will not in any way tamper with the client, the files for the Maplestory version which ImperialStory.exe runs off of, or any other files associated with ImperialStory.exe.

Third Party Programs
You will not use third party programs that have anything to do with Maplestory, or ImperialStory.

You will not advertise other servers, games, websites, or services other than ImperialStory on our website, gameserver, forums, or IRC.

You will not attempt to profit in any way off of ImperialStory. This means no selling your account, no selling items off of your account, no buying items from others, no buying accounts from others.

Harassment and Flaming
You will not harass other users by any means. This means Super Megaphones of any kind, Buddylist system, whisper system, guild chat system, etc. You should know how to behave yourself.

This is also in accordance with the third party applications rule. ImperialStory defines botting as any form of automating gameplay. This means no weighing down keys, no auto typers, no macro programs, and no macro key usage on keyboards. If you do not respond to a Game Master after thirty seconds (30 Seconds) of them trying to get your attention, you will be banned. The official rule on this is one account per one physical computer.


By registering an account on, or any related services (the IRC Channel #ImperialStory, or the forums), you agree to use a name that does not in any way harass another user, imply that you are a staff member of ImperialStory, or in any other way negatively affect the users and/or staff of ImperialStory.

By using the forums in any way, you agree to the following:

Flaming and Harassment
You will not in any way harass another user. This means via posting, private messaging, or posting on someone's visitor wall.

You agree not to in any way interfere, negatively, with a users experience on our forums. You will be respectful. This is not hard.

Other forms of disruption
You will not harass other users by any means. This means Super Megaphones of any kind, Buddylist system, whisper system, guild chat system, etc. You should know how to behave yourself.

By connecting to the server(s) of Discord you agree to the following:

  • You agree not to harass users via messaging, actions, or private messages.
  • You agree not to flood channels with messages
  • You agree not to ask about an ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival), when the server is down.
  • If we are unable to solve your problem, you can always try the forums.

Appealing a ban

All bans may be appealed on the forums, if your ban is denied do NOT post a new appeal; that is the final judgement.

Final Conclusion

The punishment you receive from not following any or all of the rules above are at the discretion of the staff member that issues it.