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Welcome to ImperialStory! We are currently in Beta Stages

Donate to support ImperialStory and receive donor points!

Donating is a very efficient way to support the server. We provide ImperialStory a free and entertaining gaming experience across the world. However, we have bills and with your donations, you players can help ImperialStory stay online. After donating please contact us either on forums or in discord to claim your gift.


By donating you agree that this is not in any way a payment for goods or services, but a gift to supporting the betterment of gameplay. You agree not to dispute or charge back any donation, this will result in permanent termination of your access to our services.

As stated in our Terms of Service, you are receiving in game credits in our video game. This payment is non-refundable as stated in the ImperialStory Terms of Service.


By donating, you will receive points called Donor Points (DP). With donor points, you have the option to purchase various things strictly available for donors only. For the list of prizes, please enter the Cash Shop Donor Tab.

For any concerns or questions, please refer to the Forums.

Once completed, Sign into discord and PM Dazed with your IGN and email used to donate.